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Article Featured In GESS

Mental Wellbeing of Educators in Perspective of Current Teaching Challenges

The way our school communities have come to support the learning and education of our children during this immensely challenging time is remarkable. Our teachers adapted so quickly in the face of such significant challenges. However, as months with COVID drag, the combinations of blended learning and in-person came in, teachers found themselves in a place where the school day never ends.

Special Education Needs
Article Featured In GESS

How EdTech Helps Students with Special Educational Needs

Students with special education needs (SEN) make up about 13 per cent of our school population. Students with SEN in our schools are not precisely a monolith, and neither are their learning needs. There are various learning challenges that students with SEN face along with several coexisting conditions that not only affects their learning but also their behavior and personality..

Reading Culture

Reading culture can transform our schools as well as our homes, and community

Research results find that people who read are more empathetic towards their fellow beings and more willing to be curious and open towards others.

Ecological Playfullness

Combining SEL with Ecological Intelligence – The Complete Wellbeing

Embarking on 2021 brings new aspirations as educators prepare for a holistic education system for students.

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