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Career Guidance

My career guidance services involve objective measures to help students choose a career path. In my counseling process, students identify professional goals and develop a strategy for getting where they want to be. My career guidance helps students to make an honest self-evaluation of their talents, abilities, and interests.

Measuring students’ interests helps them expand their possible job options. It gives reliable and scientific information rather than relying on personal observations.

Career guidance will also help students explore various careers, assist them in making a decision, and it opens their eyes to options they may never have considered before.

This guidance program is for high school students who need to make study decisions and choose career options. It is beneficial for students considering all types and levels of study –including academic, vocational, or technical career paths. This guidance program can also be helpful to identify vocational options for those who are struggling with academic programs.

My career guidance counseling and assessment is also offered  virtually. You can easily access my services from wherever you are. 

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