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Learning Solutions


Learning Solutions

Educational technology plays an essential role in ensuring children and young people with learning disabilities have fair and optimized access to the school curriculum and ensuring they have opportunities to develop their independence, agency, and inclusion. Technology today plays a decisive role in supporting struggling learners by providing access and making students independent.

I use different learning solutions that are digitalized and EdTech based to provide learning intervention for vulnerable learners. These programs offer remedial and alternate learning options that will help them make progress faster and in shorter sprints than any conventional method.

These programs offer scaffolding and inclusive practices required to help learners develop reading, writing, vocabulary, comprehension, spelling, English language fluency, cognitive skills, and executive functioning. It also increases students’ ability to use technology effectively, an essential intervention for learning disabilities and special needs education.

I help students with additional learning needs become successful and confident in school through different learning solutions. My programs are individually selected for students based on their learning challenges. I use a variety of programs, including Fast ForWord, Cogmed, Zorbit Math and Kurzweil. Learn more about these programs at the end of the page.

I also offer alternate schooling options for students who find conventional methods hard to fit in. Learn more about this at the link here.


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