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If our connection brings a better future for our community in Oman than I would love to partner with you.

As a psychologist, educator, and mindfulness practitioner, I see myself playing an essential role in inclusion and community building. Especially now post-COVID 19, it is required that we come together to support each other and our people.  Using my practice and my offerings, I have always tried to see how my services are essential for the community and how can I benefit everyone through my work.

Whether you are an organization, school, or individual, I am actively committed to providing a roadmap for better quality services.  I think one of the best things about working together is that it helps bring different services on the table. I see this as an essential requirement for our community here in Oman. I aim to primarily deliver better resources for our different need’s individuals. I am committed to identifying each person’s strengths, dreams, and aspirations; and as far as possible allow each person young and adult to a better quality of life.

I believe in sharing opinions and knowledge. Learning from colleagues is not just a benefit of collaboration; it is the first step towards building a culture centered around development. I see collaboration as a unique opportunity to learn from each other, our mistakes, success, failure, and the way we each think. I find this extremely valuable as we work together going forward.

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